Property for sale section problem.

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Property for sale section problem.

Postby TOMARIDEAS » Wed Apr 30, 2014 9:22 am

I am contacting this help line as your "contact us" seems not to work, and, attempting to send a private message to Administrator Dan, I am told he does not exist.

I am writing to point out something I find hard is not being noticed.
If it is then it is being ignored & nothing is being done to stop it.

That is, that the Property for sale section which used to be F.S.B.O. has been taken over by Estate agents, either official or unofficial ones.
They are as you can see growing in number, ON PAGE ONE THERE ARE AT LEAST 17 entries out of 25, and also, their postings for some are getting more numerous, to the point that a genuine F.S.B.O. entry gets pushed very quickly off the page.

The biggest culprits are MAXIMUMKKTC - CYPRUSAIRSOFT - ABCALS - KAYDIN - NICKY - NATALIA - There are others in smaller numbers but the pattern seems to be they see the amount that the others plaster on the site and slowly follow suit.

I suggest strongly that the F.S.B.O section be reinstated for them ONLY, and a new section for Estate Agents, both official ones who declare that Companies name, and the unofficial ones who are up to something! also declaring they are not F.S.O.B.

Trusting that you can help, and, that you are not one of them.

Regards Tom Deas (TOMARiDEAS)

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Re: Property for sale section problem.

Postby Dan » Mon May 19, 2014 11:40 pm

Turns out that I do exist :)

The property section is free for all to use. If turnover was higher, I'd split out agencies and private sellers...but we dont get enough posts there to warrant it.


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