Smart LED Lamps have Arrived in KKTC with SaviiBulb

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Smart LED Lamps have Arrived in KKTC with SaviiBulb

Postby yilly » Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:05 am

Hi I have now a shipment of Smart LED lamps ranging from 4w GU10 fitting, 6W E27 , B22 Adaptor can be provided, and 9 W Par 30 Light fittings

SaviiBulb Lights can be operated by Remote control, or smart phone application from anywhere in the world. They have a choice of over 250 Colors with remarkable cost savings on your bills. One of my customers remarked that with 18 Lights they saved 300 TL in the 1st 3 weeks of using these lights

SaviiBulb will bring a new lease of life to your home which will enhance the feeling and comfort of you home. With inbuilt surg protector these lights will not blow when you are affected by sudden Power Surge.

With 50000 Hours of use on average use will last you 20 - 25 Year with 3 Year Warrenty.

These lights can be viewed @

Georges Cafe Girne,
Shot Station ( Formally Oris bar GAU Road)
O'Live Bar Alsancak
CineMiles Girne ( Next to Beer Point)
Baseline Computers in Karakum,

I also will have Standard LED Lamp which have no remote or change colors Cool White / Warm White type and @ 5 Watts the benefits to the environment and your Pocket moving forward will be huge.

You can get some information on Saviibulb and see some pictures of current customers if you search us on facebook. Website will be coming soon(ish)

If you have any questions feel free to call me on 05338487169 - SaviiBulb Trading are a legal trading entity in KKTC so if you require Fatura this is not a problem.

Savy people buy SaviiBulb :)

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Re: Smart LED Lamps have Arrived in KKTC with SaviiBulb

Postby Dreamydiver » Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:39 am

Please can you provide cost for the GU10 led bulbs and - where are you located?

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