Smart Meters (Electric)

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Smart Meters (Electric)

Postby geoffreys4 » Thu May 31, 2018 4:39 pm

We have a Smart meter fitted by KibTec at our house in Gazimagusa.
They did not leave any user instructions, can anyone help me with this - to avoid having to go the KibTc offices, they
have enough to do during Ramadan.

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Re: Smart Meters (Electric)

Postby Gram » Thu May 31, 2018 9:05 pm

Have a look here - if this looks like your meter.....

Also, look here for a brief summary...

The following was provided by a very helpful person some while back on another forum - it helped me a lot, and I stored it for myself.


There are two keys on every meters front side: ? Scroll key – the blue key that is always accessible. Its primary function is to scroll data from the
Manual scroll sequence on the LCD.
? Reset key – the orange key that is under the lid with a hinge and can be sealed independently
from the meter cover.

Use of Scroll Key
The Scroll key enables three different types of key press, depending on duration: ? Short press ? time of key depression shorter than 2s:
Next data in the manual sequence is displayed. ? Long press ? time of key depression longer than 5s:
Displayed submenu or function is selected, ? Extended press ? time of key depression longer than 8s:
Enter to menu.
The Scroll key functions are: ? LCD display test performing, ? displayed list data view, ? switching to the meter test operation mode, ? disconnector disconnection or reconnection, ? short time press scrolls the display, ? long time press enables to perform different function such as disconnector connection /disconnection or emergency credit selection.

"Given the above I would suggest that if you are going to press the BLUE scroll key then only press it for less than 2 seconds - who knows what would happen if you pressed it for longer?"

For all the information go to this link: ... manual.pdf
- and read from page 60 onwards. I think the amount of times you press the key is dependent upon where the readout is when you begin!! Hope this helps or at least gives you something to do this hot afternoon."

It helped me! :)

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Re: Smart Meters (Electric)

Postby geoffreys4 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 9:53 am

Gram, that is absolutely brilliant and exactly what I was looking for.
Very many thanks indeed,

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