EFRAR 2018 - The Final Amount

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EFRAR 2018 - The Final Amount

Postby carrierbag » Tue May 22, 2018 6:48 pm

The final cheque for EFRAR 2018, supporting Tulips was presented to Raziye Kocaïsmaïl, President of Tulips on Monday 21 May.
The amount raised for 2018 was a staggering TL234,394 before incidental expenses of TL941 were deducted so a total of TL233,453 was handed over.
Mary Watson, the Chair of EFRAR 2018, supporting Tulips said: “ In September last year the EFRAR team of Mary Watson, Sue Steel, Keith Rickman, Seda Djemal, Pam Kennedy, Jude Vizzard, Roy Haskett and later Art Watson got together to organise the events for 2018.

Our priority has always been to raise as much money as possible for Tulips - Help Those With Cancer - whilst having fun. Since George Roper and Alex Kennedy founded the first Fun Run in 2011, we have dedicated our time and energy to support cancer patients and with this year’s total we have raised almost TL935,000. Some of this is from the days of the Fun Run and the rest from events in local bars and restaurants in the Esentepe area and of course, The Elexus this year.

Obviously we can’t do this alone. Raziye and the Tulips Association have, as always been a fantastic support. We are very grateful to our sponsors, many of whom have donated money to us for the last 8 years. A special thank you must go to the Carrington Group, our main sponsor, who created a real carnival atmosphere this year and made the event something special.

One of the delights of in living in the Esentepe community is that so many people are willing to help and I would like to thank everyone who has hosted or supported our events.

I would like to say a special thank you to the EFRAR team. Over the past 2 years three of them have battled cancer and 2 are still undergoing treatment. Regardless of this, they have battled on and delivered a fabulous result.

I, together with Sue and Art, made a decision earlier in the year to retire from the Fun Run. It is too easy to keep doing the same thing each year and we felt that we needed new ideas and creativity to move the event forward.

I always worry that we will never quite reach the total for the previous year but I am pleased to say that, thanks to so many people, we have had a record year for fundraising and we know that it will help an enormous amount of cancer patients.
We all hope the Fun Run will be picked up some enthusiastic volunteers and continue to grow and help cancer patients.”
Pix 1 l to r. Jude Vizzard, Mary Watson, Art Watson, Raziye Kocaismail, Keith Rickman.jpg
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