Flying drones in North Cyprus

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Indi Go
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Flying drones in North Cyprus

Postby Indi Go » Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:48 pm


I’m going to be visiting in a few months for a holiday and would like to bring a small drone with me to film some of the areas that we visit. I’m trying to establish if there are any laws/restrictions that would prevent me using a drone in North Cyprus :?: :?: ?

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Re: Flying drones in North Cyprus

Postby cyprusishome » Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:11 pm

Given the large military presence around the country and how rigorously they react to indiscretions around anything remotely military I would not even take the thing to North Cyprus.

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Re: Flying drones in North Cyprus

Postby thickey » Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:09 am

There is some drone filming on uTube of Northern Cyprus

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