Retirment and Relocation

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Retirment and Relocation

Postby Eduardito » Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:14 pm

Hello Friends,
Im considering a relocation to North Cyprus, Been around a couple of times and I absolutly like the place.
Im 62 years old and will be retaring in a year. After I retire I will have a budget of around US$ 1300 per month.
I will need to rent a 2 rooms apt. in a decent area.
Can I make a living with such a budget in North Cyprus??
Thank you for your attention.


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Re: Retirment and Relocation

Postby cantsay » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:22 pm

Where are you living at the moment Eduardito? You have put up US dollars , so presume you are from the US.

Budgeting is like putting on make up, some put loads on others a bare minimum , it depends on your life style ... And a decent area is again not what every one agrees on, its an individual taste really ...

Are you looking to retire at 62? .... Do nothing? ... bit young really, jobs are hard to get in NC with out a work permit so dont bank on getting a job that pays you :)...

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Re: Retirment and Relocation

Postby Mavikiz » Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:23 pm

If your rent has to come out of your $1300 per month, (4800 Turk Lira) in my opinion you will not have much money after you have paid your bills.
Most payments in North Cyprus are in pounds sterling. $1300 is approximately £1000 and rent on a 2 bedroom apartment cant start at £250 per month upwards depending on the area.
On top of this you have water, electric, internet, mobile phone bill and food. If you dont live in the town centre you will need a car. These bills are not going to take at least half your monthly income.

Cantsay is right, it all depends on your life style and it is hard to find work.
However I dont agree 62 is to young to retire , your never too young to retire and enjoy life :D

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