Rotten horrible so called lamb chops ...

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Rotten horrible so called lamb chops ...

Postby cantsay » Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:41 pm

Well, after having the Blue Garden restaurant recommended to us as it being a meat and fish restaurant lamb chops were ordered and as you might guess looking forward to this dish! ... The lamb chops must have been from either an old ewe or ram as the meat was so so tough and gristly that you needed a saw to even try to eat them!!! ... Why oh why do these places try and give you unfit meat and then expect you to actually pay for it! ... Lamb is meant to be under 1 year old and if older its classed as mutton!, surely the NC are not as stupid when buying for their restaurants are they? Even the super markets now have lamb chops , so there is no excuse for being fobbed off with cheap old mutton from these so called restaurants. Maybe they think the holiday maker won't complain, but here is one that certainly did, but think it fell on 'couldn't care less ears' , so won't be going back there or recommend it to any one .. Blue Garden is towards the new dam from Lapta on the left... Sorry folks for telling it as it is ... :roll:

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Re: Rotten horrible so called lamb chops ...

Postby karmels » Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:33 pm

You will find that lamb ( Kuzu ) is the same price young or old. I am on holiday in Turkey at the moment and a friend who has a restaurant told me not to eat lamb chops or kebeb, as the meat prices are so hight the farmers ar only killing the old stock.
The price here is about the same as TRNC about 48tl kg, plus we are in Ramazan.

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