Doubling our money for Tulips

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Doubling our money for Tulips

Postby carrierbag » Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:04 pm

E.F.R.A.R 2017

Doubling our money for Tulips

What a fantastic start to the day!

A private donor has pledged to DOUBLE yes DOUBLE the amount of money raised on the day of the Fun Run and we are so very grateful.

Every year we, the committee, wonder if we can match or exceed the amount raised the previous year. Last year, 2016, we raised over TL192,000 but that was an exceptional amount and perhaps a “one off”. That said, we do always strive to raise at least TL100,000 so this pledge has come as an absolute gift to help us Help Those With Cancer (Tulips).

We have always said that every lira counts. On 9th April it will count twice which is such good news for cancer patients. So, come along and support us and let's all do our best raise as much money as possible for such a fabulous charity.

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