British Airways to charge for M & S in flight food.

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British Airways to charge for M & S in flight food.

Postby Mavikiz » Sun Oct 23, 2016 11:45 am

British Airways will begin charging for all food and drinks in economy class. This will apply on all shorthaul flights out of London Heathrow and London Gatwick as of January 11, 2017, and on all London City and London Stansted flights by summer 2017

There will now be a “buy-on-board menu range” and this will all be supplied by Marks & Spencer .The airline will also offer customers a full bar service with soft drinks priced from £1.50 and alcoholic drinks from £4 sandwiches start at £4.75.
Sounds Pricey.

Flying to Cyprus is on the short haul list but on the LHR to Larnaca route there is BA and Aegean on a daily basis, from LGW to Larnaca there is also EasyJet and from Stansted (STD) to Paphos there is Ryanair. Aegean provide a hot meal and soft drinks and wine on their flights as standard and EasyJet will continue to sell food and drink (cheaper than M&S) Ryan Air allow you to take your own food and also offer inflight food cheaper than M&S.

BA is 26 per cent more expensive than Aegean, 66 per cent more expensive than EasyJet and 62 per cent above Ryanair.

I wont be partaking of BA/M&S as I stopped flying with BA many years ago as they are over priced and the trolley dollies all think they are Priness Diana.

But maybe ,BA will realise one day that good service with appropriate fares will attract and retain customers.

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