READ: How to advertise here

Businesses may advertise themselves here. Please provide full details of any services or products you are advertising rather than just links to a website - unhelpful posts will be deleted without warning!
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READ: How to advertise here

Postby Dan » Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:08 pm

The Business & Services section is free to advertise in. But there are some rules...

1. Ads should include the name of your business and proper contact details
Be sure to include details such as a phone number, email address or street address.

2. Ads should have a proper description of what you are offering for sale
Please include full details of what you are advertising. This should be at least 30 words long.

3. A single link to your website is permitted using only the website address as anchor text e.g and not Cheap Car Insurance

4. DO NOT bump posts to the top more than once per month.
If you do this more frequently, your post will be deleted and your permission to post here will be removed without notice.

If you would like to sticky your post at the top of the list, please contact [email protected] for details. The price is £5 per month.



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