Macaron, Alsancak

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Macaron, Alsancak

Postby cyprusishome » Sat Dec 26, 2015 8:23 am

We always avoid Christmas lunch at restaurants because they are usually a rip off but this year because our friend was missing family decided to make an exception. We have often eaten at Macaron Restaurant because of good food and service so despite their advertised higher price than most we decided on that past experience to give it a go. BIG MISTAKE!

Alarm bells were ringing when we found 60/70 people all arriving at same time at what is a small venue. Canapes and mulled wine were a pleasant start but when we went to the upstairs part of restaurant we found the owner had laid it out to maximize the number of people that would fit in. There was not a sign of anything festive, not even a couple of packs of Christmas napkins from the pound shop.

A "starter plate" was already at each plate setting but it took 2 attempt to get some bread to go with pate, cheese etc.

Main course arrived, plated but without the advertised cauliflower cheese, parsnips, sweed a fresh sprouts. The veg was from frozen packs and was luke warm. Meat was passable, my turkey had more fat and skin than I would have ever preferred, others in our group enjoyed the pork.

Meanwhile a singer was performing to no people in the down stairs section, we could not hear him because the noise of so many people in confined area drowned him out. We felt a little sorry for him performing to his wife but I suppose he was getting well paid for Christmas gig.

Probably an hour after we had finished main course others were still being served, some were quite agitated but we felt that because they had paid for an all inclusive package the alcohol was probably taking the edge off the annoyance.

Eventually the dessert arrived. Being a lover of Christmas pudd was really looking forward to it. OH DEAR!!! The plate arrived covered in what may have been coco powder with a mince pie and a single portion, mass produced pudding. Also on the plate were two "globs", one white and other yellow which were unidentifiable in taste. The pudding was cold and then we realized why we had been given knife and fork not spoons. It was solid! There was no trifle as advertised on menu and though wife had been told she could have apple pie as she does not like mince pie and pudding it did not arrive. Sorry it did after we had all finished what we were eating and had left the table.

At that point we gave up and decided to leave missing coffee and after eights, who knows it was probably after eight when we were going to get it. When we explained why we were leaving the person we believed to be the chef/owner suddenly disappeared past us and out of the door.

In summary, the food was at best mediocre, service as bad and the festive ambience none existent. Next year it will be back to BAH HUMBUG mode and we will certainly never visit this establishment again.

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Re: Macaron, Alsancak

Postby Pauline » Sat Dec 26, 2015 10:50 am

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At home in UK David...Roast Turkey, gammon, roast parsnips, roast potatoes, stuffing, cauli, sprouts, carrots, gravy, pigs in blankets, devils on horseback and gravy. Christmas pudding with cream and custard.

Sorry couldn't resist it.

It is sad that there are still those who put £'s before quality and service in north Cyprus....nothing has changed much then?

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