St. Tropez restaurant, alsancak

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Well they must have improved

Postby cavalryman » Sun May 12, 2013 6:54 pm

Well they must have improved a lot I went in 2009 and was ill afterwards so was my partner. We had mussels that were swimming it what was supposed to be garlic and white wine with cream but was more like milk. I had steak afterwards but we ended up leaving the meal and the restaurant. I was a guest of someone so it was not a nice experience . So I am glad it's now got better.

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I totally agree with you

Postby Floss » Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:38 am

I totally agree with you all me and my hubby go there quite often and have been, for the last 10 years, food has always been excellent and the service always second to none, one of the best on the island.

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Went last Friday for the

Postby joandjelly » Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:45 pm

Went last Friday for the first time and the food was wonderful. Excellent service and ambiance. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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